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Experience the epitome of island-hopping luxury by chartering a Cessna Grand Caravan EX Amphibian in the Philippines. Glide effortlessly from one enchanting island to another, savoring breathtaking aerial views of turquoise waters and pristine landscapes. With its versatile amphibious design, this aircraft grants access to remote paradises and secluded coves, creating a bespoke adventure of a lifetime. Explore the Philippine’s hidden gems with unparalleled ease and comfort on your private airborne escapade.

Top Destination in the Philippines


Boracay is an island paradise in the Philippines known for its white-sand beaches, turquoise waters, and vibrant nightlife. A helicopter ride can give you a unique perspective on the beauty and diversity of Boracay. It’s a great way to experience the island in a new way.


Palawan, an archipelagic province in the Philippines, is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world. With its lush rainforests, diverse wildlife, and pristine beaches, there’s plenty to see. Seeing Palawan from a helicopter offers an unparalleled way to appreciate the vastness and beauty of this extraordinary island province.


Cebu, located in the heart of the Philippine archipelago, is a province known for its rich history, amazing natural attractions, and vibrant city life. Taking a helicopter tour over Cebu can offer breathtaking views. A helicopter tour of Cebu gives you an opportunity to experience its diversity — from the bustling city to tranquil beaches, from mountain ranges to underwater marvels — all in one grand sweep.


Booking an aircraft charter with LXV Lifestyle is simple. You can reach out to our dedicated team, and they will assist you with all aspects of the booking process. We will discuss your travel requirements, preferences, and schedule to provide you with the best options and a seamless booking experience.

At LXV Lifestyle, safety is our utmost priority. We ensure the highest standards of aviation safety by partnering with reputable operators and experienced pilots who hold all necessary certifications. Our aircraft are regularly maintained and undergo rigorous safety checks to guarantee a secure and worry-free flight experience for our clients.

Renting an aircraft charter with LXV Lifestyle in the Philippines offers an exclusive travel experience. Our charter services provide convenient travel, bypassing the hassles of commercial flights. With LXV Lifestyle, you can access remote and beautiful destinations that are often inaccessible through regular air travel, ensuring a truly unique and luxurious journey.

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